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Welcome to OriginsRO!

OriginsRO is a low rates (5x/5x/5x/3x) Ragnarok Online server, with pre-Renewal mechanics and official-like gameplay. What makes us unique among private servers, other than the lack of a donation system (and related unbalanced custom items) and game-breaking custom NPCs, is our episode-based release schedule. Just like official servers did, we'll be adding features and content little by little, so that players will be able to enjoy the true origins of Ragnarok Online.

To make sure you won't get bored, we offer some fancy little features that official servers lack, such as a larger amount of hair and cloth colors as well as hairstyles, hand-picked to make sure they all fit well within the RO world, and an unique Hometown-based skin color system.

We also offer some convenience features, such as grouping all of your game accounts within your Master Account (read: forum account), so that you won't have to remember several usernames and passwords when you log in to the game, but just one (or none, if you wish to save your login data on your computer, our launcher offers that), and all of your characters will be able to access the same Master Storage to share items.

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OriginsRO Episode 0.7 Teaser

Episode 0.7 is behind the corner!

Episode 0.7

This weekend on OriginsRO. Stay tuned.

War of Emperium Tryout

War of Emperium

Due to popular demand, WoE will be reinstated on OriginsRO.

War of Emperium was removed and the castle closed due to a lack of player interest. The low attendance rates resulted in one guild dominating WoE.

Now, after several months of testing and large amounts of player feedback (thanks to everyone who contributed), the Origins staff believes it is time to give WoE another go.

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OriginsRO Episode 0.6

Hello Players!

Yet another content update for OriginsRO is out!

Episode 0.6

Some Press Releases from the Kafra Headquarters:


An exotic looking stranger arrived in Alberta and was escorted to Prontera. King Tristan Gaebolg III came to learn about the culture from where he came: a town upon a giant rock floating high above the clouds. In Kunlun, people believe in a unique religion, and the existence of a hermit who has absolute power over the limitations of Norman existence. The people of this town believe that anyone can become a hermit, an absolute being. Thus they strive to improve their souls to that end. The King ordered sailors and adventurers to find out more about this place. Now, through the efforts of these people, a sea passage has been opened, allowing everyone to travel from Rune Midgarts to Kunlun.

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OriginsRO Episode 0.6 Teaser

Episode 0.6 is behind the corner!

Episode 0.6

This week on OriginsRO. Stay tuned.

OriginsRO Episode 0.5

Hello Players!

A new content update for OriginsRO is out!

Episode 0.5

Some Press Releases from the Kafra Headquarters:


Once long ago, sailors from Alberta told an interesting tale about a seaman who suffered through a violent storm. His ship was badly damaged and drifted aimlessly until it eventually washed up on an exotic land, full of strange plants and odd-looking houses. Locals offered him food, water, and shelter. After some time, the seaman was able to repair his ship and return to his home of Alberta.
Years later, after he had passed away of old age in his home, villagers found his nautical charts aboard his old ship and brought them to King Tristan Gaebolg III. The king announced that if anyone could gather more information about this land, he would be well rewarded. Since then, many adventurers and brave captains alike have ventured into the sea to discover more information about this land until, one day, an adventurer from the mountain region of Payon, managed to reach the new land and document his route.
Over time, people became familiar with the exotic culture of the island. As they learned more about it, they learned of its name, Amatsu. They also discovered a castle to the east named, "Lakeside Castle." This new discovery encouraged many adventurers, who had become weary of the Emperium Wars and the Heart of Ymir, to start adventuring once again.
Now, 5 years later, thanks to an agreement between King Tristan Gaebolg III and Ishida Yoshinaga of Amatsu, an official trade route has been opened between the two countries, and it is possible for everyone to safely travel between Alberta and Amatsu.

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Floating Exp Rates event

With WoE on a hiatus, guilds have the chance to organize and prepare to face the one that was currently dominating the scenario. We'll give you the chance to level & gear up with this weekend's floating experience event!

On August 24th and 25th we will have floating rates on the server. It will start after Saturday night's maintenance. We will try our best to do this as early as possible, but there is still some work to do.

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WoE hiatus: a chance to catch up and bring in some new competition


Dear warrior, this is your chance to go level and gear up!

After the long awaited War of Emperium update, a single guild emerged victorious almost every single battle held weekly. With some guilds having quit and others just lacking general organization, we have agreed, and with support from the current castle holders, to remove their ownership of the castle and lend everyone a chance to prepare themselves hard for challenging battles to come.

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OriginsRO Episode 0.4

Hello Players!

We're now ready to announce the next, long awaited, content update for OriginsRO!

Episode 0.4

Some Press Releases from the Kafra Headquarters:


According to legend, there is a forgotten path somewhere near north Comodo. At the end of the path, there is a giant tree from which treasure springs forth. It has been said: "Men ruled by avarice will obtain treasure. But men who are not will be led to a new world."
After several years of research around Ruande and Zenhai Marsh, the long forgotten path has finally been found.
Through an old wooden bridge, over a canyon that makes you understand how small and insignificant humans can be, adventurers can reach a great jungle forest, so large that it almost envelopes the sky. Far into the jungle, there is a small tribal village full of people wearing strange masks who worship the Mother Tree. They call themselves the Utan Tribe of Umbala.
Rumors say that the Umbala Tree may be related to the Yggdrasil Tree, and adventurers may be able to reach another world through it.
The Kafra Corp. will provide teleportation service from and to Umbala, for adventurers and tourists alike.

War of Emperium

Following the recent friendship treaty with the Schwarzwald Republic, defense of the castles of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom weakened.
Armies of monsters are marching and attempting to take control of the castles in all the major towns, causing a real threat to the Kingdom. "The castles and the treasures on them are properties for those who deserve them. And whoever control the castles with the legendary Emperium stone, will be considered the kingdom Knights of honor.", announced King Tristan Gaebolg III.
The Kafra HQ will offer a free contract with one of our employees, to be stationed within any castle whose Emperium is secured, to provide services to the controlling guild.

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